Features and Benefit

Feature Benefit
 • Manufactured in the USA  • Quality craftsmanship by dedicated and highly skilled employees
 • Frame constructed of solid hardwood & engineered woods  • Quality raw materials prevent breaking, racking
 • Frame components are glued, doweled, blocked, fastened  • Long lasting quality manufacturing to ensure strength and stability
 • 7.5 gauge steel sinuous spring system in seats, 11 gauge springs in backs  • Heaviest gauge used in furniture industry for consistent, enduring, comfortable and solid foundation
 • At least 5 springs per seat tied off at ends  • Quality manufacturing provides consistent ride, prevents sagging or rolling into arm
 • High density foam seat cushioning: premium foam core book wrapped in fiber  • Quality raw materials for plump and inviting seating, comfortable and supporting with long life
 • Virgin hollow denier slickened polyester conjugate fiber  • Quality raw materials used are resilient fibers resistant to matting and clumping
 • Luxury feather/down blend cushioning: fiber and feather/down blend encased in heavy downproof ticking  • Similar to a gussetted down comforter wrapped around a foam core. Gives the luxury seating of down with support of a foam core
 • Inside Back Springs  • Give extra support and comfort in seating. It also keeps the inside back propped up and prevents sagging.
 • Fully padded frame  • Quality manufacturing detail for solid construction, crisp tailoring
 • Solid wood legs are removable  • Quality raw materials that also allow an easy solution to delivery obstacles
 • Seats, backs and accent fill are encased  • Quality feature that reinforces crisp tailoring, allows for easy maintenance
 • Reversible seats and back cushions  • Quality feature for long life and easy maintenance
 • Self healing zippers  • Quality feature for easy and simple repair of rare zipper splits
 • Top-stitching and fine tailoring details  • Hallmarks of premium upholstery houses
 • Premium upholstery fabrics and correlations  • Highest quality fashion looks using newest technology and fibers.  Provide soft, durable, resilient covers that are easy to live with.
 • Innovative product design  • Fresh silhouettes and configurations for today's homes and lifestyles