A Brief History of Fulton

The consensus of local historians is that Fulton, Mississippi was named in honor of Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat. An appropriate name for a town on the bluffs overlooking the rich bottomlands of the Tombigbee River. The town was formed in 1837 and comprised of mainly farmers and merchants. Its key geographical location facilitated 2 centuries of stable agricultural economy from timber to a wide variety of agriculture. A major change to the landscape came in 1971 as part of Nixon’s “southern strategy;” the funding for the Tenn – Tom Waterway was born. The ambitious plan was to connect the gulf port of Mobile to the Tennessee River, making Fulton, MS a lock and port on this massive man made canal. The Tenn-Tom project turned out to be the largest earth-moving project in history and it was completed in 1984. Today, Fulton has about 4000 residents. It is the proud home of Itawamba Community College and also home to MLB All Star Brian Dozier. Its small town character and big town personalities has made it the thriving home of central operations for Max Home, LLC.