Responsible Impact

Max Home believes strongly in Employee, Community and Social Responsibility.

Green/Recycled Materials

  • Recycled Steel Springs and Steel Spring Clips
  • Bio foam/CFC Free Foam
  • Non Toxic Glues
  • All Wood from renewable species and sustainable forests (Pending Certification)
  • Recycled Packaging

Reduce Waste and Recycle

  • Dust Collection
  • Recycled Waste in Fabric, Wood and Foam


  • Commitment to Our Community
  • Pleasant and safe Work Environment
  • Domestic Production and Domestic Sourcing
  • Adhere to the highest fire safety standards for all products set by the state of California.


  • Reduction of non organic compounds to achieve the best balance between performance using the greatest amount of organic materials.
  • Max Home builds a product for longevity but has engineered each frame to use relevant materials in the best possible locations.
  • Elimination chemicals deemed potential dangerous by the EPA such as Formaldyhyde and PBDE's